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Where we offer you the future in non-surgical beauty treatments and procedures.


With the latest natural products, we can offer you State of the Art Treatments providing you with the best possible results in avant-garde beauty treatments and procedures.


Do you have the impression that when you look in the mirror, the person looking back at you is no longer the youthful you? Instead, your reflection shows the imprint of time. Unfortunately, we cannot look 18 forever, and to be honest, who would want to. We should all be proud of our age, but we can all give ourselves a little helping hand and improve what we see. The aim is not to change your appearance completely, but to smoothen your facial expression and those lines that seem to have suddenly appeared and deepened with time. The key is to remain looking natural, youthful and fresh-faced with a radiant glow. Everyone loves to smile naturally, and even though we have all been exposed to pictures of botched-up aesthetic treatments and procedures, our unwanted wrinkles still irritate us. Fear not, we can offer you safe and reliable natural options that will help bring back a youthful you.


For example, we have the classic wrinkles:


The frown lines and the sad mouth.

The deep Crow's feet.

The tear through (more commonly known as dark circles).

Liquid Face Lifting, which improves sagging facial skin.


However, we also offer a variety of other treatments and procedures including:

Lip augmentation, e.g. to look like Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift,...

A hook nose, which can easily be opticaly altered with a minor procedure, achieving a smooth appearance.


Since the Face of Beauty is a part of our Dental Practice Villiger it is our mission to perfect your Beautiful Smile!  Which can be achieved by a variety of procedures, including teeth whithening (with an easy-to-use mild Home-Kit or fast and effective in Practice Power Bleaching) and Veneers / Lumineers (correcting shape and colour).


Here, at The Face of Beauty, we aim to let Your Youth Shine Through!


We only use safe and well known products! Treatments with Botulinum Toxin Type A are more commonly referred to as Botox Treatments. In the case of Botulinum Toxin Type A (i.e. the active pharmaceutical ingredient), we mainly use products by Galderma or Allergan. In the case of fillers and rehydration-products, we use a range of products by Galderma or Allergan including Restylane, Emervel and Juvederm. This ensures that patient safety is our priority at all times.

The results obtained from the use of Botulinum Toxin Type A are temporary (thus you could say: "reversible"), lasting an average of 3 months, after which, the desired effects will start to fade and slowly dissapear. As Botulinum Toxin Type A is a medicine it also has side-effects, which can be caused by the injection technique or be due to the medicine itself. The most commonly observed side-effects are headache or redness and itchiness of the skin around the injection site. For further information about the effects and side-effects of  all the medicines on the Swiss Market containing Botulinumtoxin Type A please go to the official LINKS/INFORMATION of Swissmedic/Arzneimittelkompedium - German.


We only use fillers that contain hyaluronic acid as it´s results are reversible and very rarely cause allergic reactions. The reason for this is that hyaluronic acid is a natural product that is found in the human body and is not of animal origin (i.e. not from pigs/cows,...); compared to the first well known reversible collagen filler which was known to sometimes cause allergic reactions and the results of which were not long lasting.


Patients usally choose their doctors based on their skills, know-how, competence and in this case an eye for aesthetics and beauty. Once you have found the above, you have found the best in terms of aesthetics, beauty treatments and procedures on offer. Therefore, you do not need to look any further, as I can offer you all this and more. Having Master degrees in human and dental medicine and authorized to practice both - medicine and dentistry - by the government of Basel, I can assure you the utmost competence. Complemented by having an international further education in both Hamburg and Vienna, whilst maintaining the highest of Swiss Medical Standards, and being a member of different key organisations including FMH, SSO, DGBT, OGDC, I consider myself highly reputable in this field. I pride myself in being open-minded and curious as well as ensuring regular attendance at Medical/Dental Congresses and Master Classes in order to guarantee the latest and safest technologies in aesthetic treatments and procedures to all of my patients.  


Feel free to contact us to set-up a consultation!


We are looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you soon.


Yours sincerely,


Christoph Villiger

Dr. med. med. dent.